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Intellect Claims

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How seamless is your claims experience?

Intellect Claims is an industry proven solution that spans across Life, Disability Health, Critical Illness, Long Term Care and Annuity. Intellect Claims takes all of the elements that make claims processing so complex. Manage a large amount of information, multiple work streams and intricate calculations and bring them together in a single intuitive environment. Role-based user interfaces provide you with the tools, information and functions to easily handle a claim in one place.

Transforming complex into simple, quick and accurate


    • Managed claims workflow brings together guided processes, business rules and product specific requirements
    • Effective integration with multiple policy admin systems
    • Modular and scalable to easily rollout new products
    • Intuitive and easy to understand user interface


    • Improved productivity and increased customer satisfaction in claims
    • Faster product creation and rollout by business users
    • Ensured adoption via training and change management


    • Benefit calculation uses input data from various sources to automatically compute the payout amounts
    • Claims assessment helps identify fraud and leakages
    • Extensive rules and audit trail for regulatory requirements
    • Complete 360-degree view of all claims activities and participants

Experience immediate benefits

    • Improved customer satisfaction with faster claims processing
    • Reduce servicing costs and increase employee productivity
    • Faster time to market with configurable rules
    • Better risk management by leveraging claim data in your underwriting processes
    • Better fraud prevention and regulatory compliance
    • Increased visibility into your claims process
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