Enhancing compliance and speed to policy issuance

Case Study

Problem Statement

The driving force behind development of the Electronic Business Submission was the amount of manual work required by SJP for issuing a policy after an application was submitted. The existing workflow required submitting a completed paper form, manual data entry and a manual review of the form. This process lacked any type of validation of the data captured and created opportunities for data entry errors. The project presented other challenges including designing online application screens that resembled the manual application forms and seamless integration with the existing policy admin system and multiple other vendors.

The Solution

Intellect SEEC created a web based system to facilitate electronic data capture and submission of a New Business application. The application was integrated with different back-end and legacy systems and services to provide an end to end solution to completely remove the manual data entry and thereby drastically reduce the policy issuance turn-around time.

The Benefits
  • Electronic Business Submission helped SJP address the money laundering issues because of its end to end integration with admin systems.
  • Reduced the turn-around time for policy issuance from 2 weeks to 2 days.
  • Reduced the paperwork involved at the time of investment/application capture.
  • Re-use of client/illustration information already collected.
  • Improved data completeness and validation to reduce rework for admin centers and partners.
  • Developed generic UI framework which reduces the development cycle by more than 30%.
  • UI design based on Experience Architecture Guidelines.
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