Improved customer servicing efficiencies

Case Study

Problem Statement

The insurer was looking to increase profitable growth in a climate of falling asset values, a tight insurance market and industry consolidation. An analysis of processes that could be streamlined across the enterprise revealed opportunities to dramatically reduce costs and inefficiencies in the customer service function of the business. By simultaneously outsourcing some of its call center operations and automating complex customer service processes across business lines, the insurer could both improve customer satisfaction and reduce call center costs.

The Solution

To meet this challenge, the insurer chose us to implement a web-based customer service portal that provided customer service representatives with unified access to customer, policy and related information across three separate product lines - Life, Annuity and Health. Customer service representatives in facilities located in Chicago and Deerfield, Illinois and Montego Bay, Jamaica now have a transparent interface to provide customers fast and efficient service in a single call.

Our solution included automated processing of common customer transactions across policy, billing, claim and other information systems spanning health, annuities and life products. The new application included customizable scripts and pre-defined workflows that automated 90 of the most common business functions that accounted for 95 percent of customer inquiries into the service center. CSR’s are now able to efficiently serve customers with one 360-degree view and one click processing; transactions that previously required navigation through 17 screens are now completed with one mouse click. This has helped the insurer improve the quality of service while outsourcing critical customer-care processes. It has also reduced training time of service representatives from three months to three weeks.

Our component based, modular solution architecture has enabled easy integration across three distinct policy administration and workflow systems for Life, Health and Annuities. With minimal development, the original call center business components have been extended to provide similar automated processing capabilities to field offices, allowing them to directly handle many customer inquiries, reducing the workload in the call centers.

The Benefits

  • Servicing portal roll out in 8 weeks with high degree of component reuse across enterprise projects
  • Quick rollout of field office  capabilities in 2 months due to high functional reuse versus 6 months via traditional methods
  • Reduced call duration and post call processing time by at least 50%
  • Reduced call blockage from 35% to less than 1%
  • User friendly application has reduced training time by up to 75%
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