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We helped StarStone reduce their underwriting decision-making time by 70%

Additionally, Intellect Xponent identified 2 out of 30 accounts to be declined which would have otherwise resulted in claims of upwards of $6.5 million


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Policy issuance time reduced from 2 weeks to 2 days

30% reduction in development cycle time. St. James’s Place needed to develop electronic business submission to address money laundering issues, enhance the accuracy of data submitted and reduce turn-around time for policy issuance.

"Intellect has been a partner to St. James's Place for over 10 years, supplying a range of IT services and products which are key to the performance of the business. St. James's Place continues to receive a high quality of support, and increasingly adopts parts of the Intellect insurance product suite to enable rapid delivery of improvements in process efficiency and customer service." -Ian MacKenzie, Chief Technology Officer, St. James's Place


Increased agent revenue productivity

Single sign on for improved agent experience. Ohio Casualty’s independent agent workforce required an easy, modern and real time interface with single sign on capability to access rating systems' real time to quickly close new business across varied product lines.

"Our ability to build and deploy this solution in a few months, and to maintain it with our existing IT staff, are clear‐cut advantages of SEEC’s technology. SEEC’s products, services, and support have definitely met our expectations for this project." - Jim Lechler, AVP of Information Systems,The Ohio Casualty Insurance Company 


56% transaction efficiencies gained

Productivity improvements & operational efficiency gains. Allianz faced a huge challenge in claims processing times due to mainframe based, inflexible legacy which housed the claims information. Claims personnel were mired by lengthy manual processes and long lead times for change requests.

"We have achieved significant benefits through the implementation of claims and sales solutions using Intellect SEEC's technology including instances of productivity improvements of over 50%" - Steve Coles, CIO, Allianz Australia


75% improvement in claims processing time

A 70% improvement in recording claims notifications. TATA AIA needed to improve their claims operations to effectively, quickly and accurately handle the high volume of claims. Ensuring a high level of customer care was a necessary business outcome.

"We have experienced several benefits in our claims handling process that helped us to significantly improve customer experience since implementing the solution from Intellect SEEC." - Samrat Das, CIO, Tata AIA Life


Direct channel introduction with 3 new products in 6 months

"Intellect SEEC provided us with a most beneficial vendor experience and met or exceeded solution and delivery expectations. Intellect SEEC brought strong domain expertise with equally robust and scalable solution architecture to deliver value and meet our business needs. The project was executed efficiently, on time with zero defects and was a pleasant experience." - Director e-Commerce, Federal Life Insurance Mutual Company


Decisioning turnaround time dropped from 20 to 7 days

"More than 20,000 claims have been processed to date using the new system. The solution has been instrumental in detecting frauds and nondisclosures in real time mode." - ICICI Prudential


Reduced post call processing time by at least 50%

Training reduced from 10-12 weeks to 3-4 weeks. The insurer was looking to increase profitable growth in a climate of falling asset values, a tight insurance market and industry consolidation. An analysis of processes that could be streamlined across the enterprise revealed opportunities to dramatically reduce costs and inefficiencies in the customer service function of the business.

"Using Intellect SEEC's technology enabled us to efficiently outsource key customer service functions as well as reduce training time. In addition we saw an immediate productivity boost as call times were reduced by more than half in many cases. The ability to handle customer inquiries faster has dramatically improved customer satisfaction." -Lee Weisenberg, Former SVP, Banker’s


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