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Cloud is bringing democracy to Insurance

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It’s 2018, and the insurance landscape is changing. Cloud is no longer just the purview of IT; it’s all-encompassing and is shifting the way businesses operate on a global level. Cloud can help insurers prioritize both agenda – operating models as well as innovation. Cloud allows your customers to experience a broader range of products tailored to [...]

Raising the bar on User Experience

Industries all over the world have faced a digital renaissance. Companies like Amazon and Uber have grabbed the markets with amazing user interfaces (UI) and bespoke user experiences (UX), pushing them to the top of their game. Now imagine a world where insurance is effortless, something that tirelessly works in the background, while you enjoy your [...]

When You Cannot Trust Big Data, You Triangulate It

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Few weeks ago on LinkedIn, a post of ours gave rise to a heated debate among insurance professionals. All that the post said was, ‘Yelp will soon be used as one of the major sources of data for underwriting’. Insurance experts chipped in to say how bots have taken over the reviews on Yelp and fake reviews and ratings run rife across most of the [...]

How Apple’s ARKit and iPhone X Will Impact InsurTech

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During the fall launch of Apple’s products this year, iPhone X with its Face ID and Animoji features dominated the presentation, leaving very little spotlight for the truly revolutionary ARKit, an API that allows third-party developers to build augmented reality (AR) apps. Launched as a part of iOS 11, ARKit brings three major capabilities of augmented [...]


Few things have been as revolutionary as when Copernicus hypothesised that the earth revolves around the sun, a complete contrast to the previously fallacious beliefs. Data science is one such bold advancement that is transforming the nature of numerous industries. Despite a traditionally slow uptake of the latest technology, insurance will not find itself [...]
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