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Thanks to the internet, we know more about a lot of things than we used to. And it follows that we find better ways to use this information. The insurance industry has been slowest to embrace big data and artificial intelligence (AI). Today, there is a tremendous amount of data available on everyone seeking insurance. Reviews on Yelp and TripAdvisor will [...]


Why investors favored even relatively new tech companies to established insurance giants in 2016. According to a survey conducted by Fortune1 in the early part of 2016, Amazon emerged on top of a list of most trustworthy companies in the US. Technology majors Google and Apple were not far behind at positions 7 and 8 respectively. Consumers are entrusting [...]

A Diagnosis of the Policy Admin System

Over the last several years, insurers have spent a considerable amount of money on policy administration systems (PAS). It would be reasonable to assume that there has been measurable progress in the operating levels of the insurers. However, despite large spends on these systems, there has been minimal improvement in loss and expense ratios. And [...]

Insurance Round-up – The Impact of Technology

Mark Broadhurst is the Head of Insurance EMEA at Intellect SEEC. He is a charismatic leader who has built strong relationships with clients, colleagues and business partners. Before crossing over to the world of insurance technology, he spent a significant amount of his career with insurance carriers including Aviva and General Accident. Mark believes [...]

Creating a Customer Service Dream Team

The notion is as old as business itself: a successful business depends on its customer service. We know the mantra from our days of high school summer jobs at the local burger place. The customer is always right, always keep the customer happy. For many of us, even as leaders of large companies, that adage holds true today: the customer is always right, [...]

Busting Buzzwords, 3 at a time

Picture this all-too-common scenario – you are at an industry conference or seminar where let’s say the topic is Digitization in Insurance. Keynote, presentations, expert sessions are drowned in buzzwords of all shapes and sizes – big data, artificial intelligence, datafication, disruption – you get the picture. They have a familiar ring alright, [...]

Follow the money, sniff out a pattern

When things are about to be disrupted, big money always gets there before most. It starts with a unique idea that gains traction. A greater number of consumers embrace a new way of experiencing a product or a service, venture capitalists lead the way and other investors then flock to the party. We have seen this in the case of taxi industry, e-commerce, [...]
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